Weekend Places

Coming to New Hope or Lambertville and wondering where to eat? Taking day trips Along the Delaware and want to cap off a beautiful staycation with a romantic dinner? You’ve come to the right place!

It’s hard to know about the best local places. That’s one of the reasons I started Dining Along the Delaware – there are so many good restaurants around here that Evy and I often forgot about some of our favorites. We had to keep lists just to remember which places we wanted to go to next. Talk about a tough problem to have!

My posts in the “Hidden Gem” series are an attempt to remind people of these types of businesses. Now that summer is here, lots of people are visiting the Delaware Valley. New Hope/Lambertville are hot attractions and we could all use a little help figuring out where to go. Maybe you’re looking for the better places to get breakfast or perhaps you want to catch lunch on a patio. You could spend hours on TripAdvisor or Yelp! or, you could take a shortcut and come to this page 🙂 so bookmark http://www.diningalongthedelaware.com/weekend and come back whenever you’re looking for the short list of places to eat.

This page will change over time as I find more local treasures, so check back any time you’re coming to New Hope, Lambertville or any of the other destinations Along the Delaware!

More listings to come. This is definitely a work in progress!

Breakfast Highlights

Duck Soup Cafe (New Hope) – As Featured in Hidden Gems. Duck Soup is a local’s choice for breakfast and lunch (and dinner on Friday). Casual atmosphere and if you look around, don’t be surprised to find owners of other restaurants grabbing breakfast with Carla. Patio. Dog friendly.

Lovin’ Oven (Frenchtown) – A bit out of the way but if you’re traveling up the Delaware at breakfast or lunch time, you’ll want to stop in. A pleasant outdoor patio is available as is a large bike rack if you decide to work off some of the calories you consume. Patio.

State Street Kitchen (Newtown, PA) – I’ve got to write a “Hidden Gem” article about this place. I don’t feature many places from Newtown because it’s out of the way, but if you happen to be in the Newtown area, you have to check out the State Street Kitchen. It’s an amazingly good value for such unique and delicious food. If you like banana pancakes, you *must* try theirs!

Casual Lunch and Dinner Places

Bitter Bob’s (New Hope) – A great place to sit on the (dog friendly) patio while enjoying a great burger or BBQ. People watching can’t be beat at this center-of-town location. Also open for breakfast on weekends. Patio. Dog friendly. 

Chive Cafe (Peddler’s Village) – Easy to miss along the main drag through town. Look for their green sign. Small picnic patio out back. Great sandwiches. Patio. Dog friendly.

DeAnna’s (Lambertville) – Hidden away on N. Franklin Street, this classic, hip Italian restaurant and bar is a local favorite. Known for their homemade pasta and delicious fish. The patio provides a peaceful oasis in town. Bar. Patio. Dog friendly.

El Tule Mexican/Peruvian (Lambertville) – With it’s authentic Peruvian and delicious Mexican dishes, El Tule quickly rose to the top of local reviews. During good weather, their small patio provides a relaxed atmosphere. Patio. Here’s my review.

The HeartH (New Hope) – Fresh and delicious vegetarian and pescatarian options.  Small patio. Dog friendly.

John and Peter’s (New Hope) – Remarkably good food for a “dive bar.” Featured in my Hidden Gems series. Bar. Patio.

Hamilton’s Grill Room – One of the local favorites for grilled foods. Across the patio is the Boat House, an amazing little place to drink. Both are hidden down a lane labeled “Pork Yard”. If you haven’t heard of Hamilton’s, be sure to look it up – it’s one of the top dining destinations in the area. Bar (Boat House), Patio. Dog friendly. Here’s my Hidden Gems review.

Lambertville House – One of the hidden gems of Lambertville. The courtyard behind the Inn is well hidden. I’ve often raved about the Monday night dinners that Dish catering puts on. Bar. Patio. Dog friendly.

The Landing (New Hope) – The riverside patio is possibly the most beautiful place to eat and drink in the area and has the added advantage of having a bar and being dog friendly. Bar. Patio. Dog friendly. River view.

Martine’s (New Hope)– Two tables on a little patio out front where you can dine with your pup. Panoramic riverview and a bar inside. Bar. Tiny, dog friendly patio. River view.

Cafe Galleria (Lambertville) – This beautiful converted house has a wraparound deck where you can always find fresh, excellent food. A diverse menu has options that appeal to every palate. Patio. Dog friendly.

Siam Thai (Lambertville) – Looking for authentic Thai? Siam in Lambertville has Thai that you won’t find in most American Thai restaurants. Rich flavors and low prices make Siam a favorite for those looking for great ethnic food. Check out my Hidden Gem review.

Triumph Brewing Company (New Hope) – The popular micro-brew tavern by the train station. Great place to grab a burger and beer. Pleasant patio by the scenic railroad track. Bar. Patio. Dog friendly.

Zoubi restaurant and bar (New Hope) – Featured in this review. I’ve become a fan of their new chef and his tasting menus. Beautiful patio transports you. Great for a romantic evening. This could also go on the “Special Dinners” list, below.

Sweet Treats

These places are known for their exceptional sweets and snacks. Some are restaurants.

Clusters (New Hope) – Gourmet popcorn and other treats. Many delicious flavors.

Dilly’s Corner (Center Bridge/Stockton area) – A perennial favorite ice cream and burger joint. Patio. Dog friendly.

Nina’s Waffles and Sweets (New Hope) – Waffles, ice cream, baked goods. Waffle with ice cream is worth the calories. Also locations in Sergeantsville, NJ and Doylestown, PA.

OWowCow Dairy – also in Ottsville and Wrightstown. Many interesting ice cream flavors and generous servings – a small cup will satisfy all but the hungriest. Many fans in the area would say OWowCow is the best ice cream in the area.

Pierre’s Chocolates (New Hope) – Gourmet chocolates made on-site. Collection of beautiful small batch flavors that make great gifts.

Pudge Cakes (New Hope)– My *favorite* place for cupcakes and brownies. Small patio. Patio. Dog friendly.

Sciascia Confections (Stockton) – In the Stockton Market. Gourmet chocolate, brownies, macarons. Brownies are to die for. This man knows chocolate.

The Yardley Ice House (Yardley) – Water ice, gelato, custard. Without a doubt, it’s the best water ice around. Worth driving for. Open seasonally.

Special Dinners

Note: Most places in the area have a very casual atmosphere and welcome all visitors. At the places in this list, you’ll probably want to dress “business casual.”

The Inn at Phillips Mill (New Hope) – one of the top choices in the area for a romantic dinner. French inspired cooking in a quaint farm house setting with a lovely patio as weather permits. Be sure to reserve in advance because the Inn always fills up on weekends. Patio.

NoLa by Brian (Stockton) – Recently opened by Brian Held, of Brian’s in Lambertville. He was lucky enough to grab the world-class chefs from The Pass when it closed. Be sure to book early for dinner as NoLa is quickly being discovered by foodies. Check out my review on DiningAlongTheDelaware.

Tastebuds (New Hope) – this stylish restaurant with awesome food is just a block from Bridge Street but is often overlooked. They offer perfectly prepared, innovate, delicious food. Here’s my full review.

Yardley Inn (Yardley) – Open for lunch an dinner. With its bar, “Dine Early” specials and beautiful setting just across the street from the Delaware river, the Yardley Inn draws crowds almost every night. With a large selection of good food and a great staff, it’s a good choice for both everyday dining and special occasions. Bar. Small patio. River view.

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