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Diners in our region wistfully remember The Pass Restaurant. During its short life, it brought great joy to foodies, like us. Words simply can’t do it justice. But alas, one of the principals was lured away to greener pastures down south.

Fortunately for us, the Pass’ chefs – Paul Mitchell and Alida Saxon, remained in our area. Behind the scenes, they helped create some of the amazing food that you might remember from Brian’s in Lambertville and NoLa in Stockton, NJ.

This past summer, friends convinced Alida and Paul to prepare a dinner for a select group of foodies. And so, the Rosemont Supper Club was born.

I was lucky enough to be on the guest list. Actually, I begged to be on the list, knowing that it was going to be an experience of a lifetime.

About forty of us gathered on that magical night, dining together with a sense of community that was unlike anything I had ever been part of. It made me think of a past era, before smart-phones and constant distractions. A time when communities got together to share good times with friends and neighbors. A time when people lived in the moment. A time when our food came from local farms, pure and natural.

The Rosemont supper club was all that and more. As soon as the first dinner was over, we asked “when is the next one?” and what was a one-time event, became this summer’s hottest private dining experience. Once a month, foodies gathered to be wowed by Paul and Alida’s creations.


But as summer drew to a close, we began to wonder how we could continue enjoying these experiences. Would they become a fond memory, only to be remembered wistfully as we resumed eating our ordinary meals?

Fortunately, the story didn’t end with summer. After much prodding by friends, Paul and Alida decided to bring the Rosemont Supper Club to the public. Through great good fortune, a space at Tullamore Farms became available and the chefs’ plans begun to take shape.

They are preparing to create a unique dining venue, using fresh, seasonal ingredients, in innovative dishes. They wish to expose diners to innovative cuisine that is creative yet familiar. Flavors that delight the palate. Textures to be explored and aromas to be savored.

Whereas other restaurants have jumped on the “farm-to-table” trend, the Rosemont Supper Club will literally live the philosophy, being located on Tullamore Farms which produces the meats served in the finest restaurants in the region. Vegetables will be from just down the street from some of our organic farms which we are blessed  to have in Hunterdon and Bucks counties.

In order to make this happen, they need our support. Alida and Paul still need to raise some money for the initial investment required to open the Rosemont Supper Club.

You can find the details on their Kickstarter page.

In a nutshell, they need to buy kitchen equipment – stoves, pots, pans refrigerator and so on. In return, they’ve got some great spiffs – for your generous contribution, they have a number of amazing offerings. You can be part of their initial opening party (I’ll be that there will be lots of good food!) or a four course dinner or even a private dinner for you and your friends.


Join with us and help Alida and Paul raise the funds to get their venture going. Visit their Kickstarter page today to learn more. You’ll be helping to create something great that we’ll all enjoy for years to come.