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In my quest to find and bring you all good things related to food in the Delaware River region, I decided to change course from my normal restaurant hidden gems and found myself at the Cookery Ware Shop in Lahaska / Peddler’s Village.

I “discovered” this hidden gem a few years back when I was looking for some cast iron pans. What I found was an amazing collection of essential items for chefs of all levels, from the beginner to the seasoned professional.

In this day of instant Internet gratification, it’s so easy to just click a button and place an order that I often forget about local retail stores. But when it comes to items for my home, there’s nothing like putting my hands on them. If I’m buying a knife for potentially hundreds of dollars, I want to feel the curves of its handle and feel its heft. I want to see its exact shape and size. Do I need a 6″ or 8″ blade? I need to handle it to see what’s right – something I’m not going to get from the Internet. For items like these that I’ll use constantly, I want them to be “just right.” That’s where the Cookery Ware store comes in.

From the moment you set foot in the store and are warmly greeted by the owner or staff, you’ll remember why family run businesses in our community are such a treasure. There’s a sense that they genuinely care and want to help you find exactly what you need. Whether it’s a magnificent Shun chef’s knife or Römertopf Clay Baker, you’ll find it on these shelves at surprisingly competitive prices.

And you can’t beat the convenience of a local retailer. When you’re planning a dinner party and realize that you need a special pan or maybe a salad bowl, you’re not going to wait for Amazon to deliver it. Instead, you can just pop over to the Cookery Ware Shop and find it, along with thousands of other things that you might not even know you need. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone there to pick up something basic like a paring knife, and come away with an armload of items. Their selection is simply amazing! Check out this list of products they carry.

In business since 1969, they’ve focused on bringing home chefs and gift-givers the items that they want. And not just high end items (where they do excel), but everything from simple pie pans and vegetable peelers to salt shakers and pepper mills. From glassware and linens to cookware of all shapes and sizes. There’s even a selection of items for the grill-master. It’s clear why they have such longevity – they’re doing exactly what a specialty store should.

About those prices…

Being an Internet kind of guy, I’ve always got my smart-phone at the ready. When I first went to the Cookery Ware store, I thought: “nice selection, but can I afford it?” so I compared a few items with those on Amazon and was happily surprised by what I found. Items were typically close to or even less expensive than what I found on-line! How is this possible?

Think about it for a  minute. When you buy a cast iron pan on-line, someone has to box and ship it. While many Internet retailers offer “free” shipping, you know that “free” really means that the shipping cost is hidden in the price. Often, the mark-ups are considerable, especially with bulky/heavy items like cookware. With a retail outlet, instead of paying shipping costs, that money pays other expenses – store space and staff overhead. While this makes it difficult for local retailers, stores like Cookery Ware have kept expenses in check so they remain competitive. And unlike on the Internet where you’re relying on studio photos, at Cookery Ware, you can see and feel the items for yourself. It’s one of those experiences that is simply better in person.

You’ll find the Cookery Ware Shop in an obscure location, but easily accessed, at the entrance next to the Chive Cafe on Rt. 202/263. Here’s a link to the Google Map. Just follow this entrance in to the parking lot and find Cookery Ware at the leftmost retail space in the building down the driveway and to the right.

The secret entrance to the Cookery Ware Shop

The secret entrance to the Cookery Ware Shop

Even if cooking isn’t your thing, chances are you know someone who loves to cook or entertain. With their great selection, Cookery Ware is sure to have something that would make a great gift. Spanish Paella pan? Sushi making accessories? Maybe that pizza stone someone’s been asking for? You’ll find them all here.

Phone: (866) 944-7548

Location: Peddler’s Village, Lahaska, PA 18938

Website / Facebook page


10:00 am – 6:00 pm
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