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I admit it – I’m a omnivore. I’ll eat pretty much anything that tastes good. So when I first heard of Sprig & Vine Pure Vegetarian Restaurant, I was game to try it but not excited since most of my ventures into vegan cuisine had been boring. Luckily for me, Sprig & Vine changed my perception of ‘vegan’ forever.

From the moment I ate their edamame falafel, I was hooked. The falafel was perfectly crispy with flavors that the best Middle Eastern restaurants would have a hard time matching. After that, I knew I had to sample more of Sprig & Vine’s delectable food.

Located at the far end of Union Square (next to the railroad tracks in New Hope), Sprig & Vine is one of those hidden gems that can exist for years before you find it. But after reading the reviews, you know that it’s worth seeking out. Regardless of your preconceptions, you really have to give it a try. It’s always on my short-list of restaurant recommendations for visitors.

Sprig & Vine offers a variety of delicious dishes lovingly prepared by chef Ross Olchvary. His menus showcase local and seasonal produce, while his culinary creations bring out the flavors in a way that all restaurants, vegan or not, could learn from. And, the dishes are presented with an artistic flare that would make them at home in any fine-dining establishment.

Beautiful Risotto Cakes

Risotto Cakes – So Beautiful with Flavor to Match

Since the menu changes often, it’s hard to talk about specific dishes, but if you look at the reviews, you’ll find some standouts that make repeat performances on the menu. When it comes to entrees, the cornmeal crusted tempeh is a long time favorite that remains on the menu for good reason – the combination of crispy coating and tasty sauce make it a dish one could eat often. Likewise, Chef Olchvary’s tofu is always delicious and has many fans.

When you’re looking for lighter fare, Sprig & Vine always offers several salads. Usually there’s a kale salad and a quinoa salad on the menu, always paired with perfectly fresh vegetables or fruit that perfectly complement the dishes. And the lunch menu offers a variety of sandwiches. Banh-mi anybody?

On Sunday, definitely check out the brunch. I was highly skeptical of the concept of a vegan brunch? That’s almost an oxymoron! But I was wrong! Sprig & Vine can even do a brunch that will almost make you forget about bacon and eggs 🙂

Their French toast with fruit compote was literally the best French toast I’ve ever had. I simply couldn’t believe how good it was. I still don’t know how Chef Olchvary does it without using the traditional ingredients. But whatever magic he’s using, it works. It’s simply superb.

I’ve also heard great things about their breakfast burrito. With scrambled tofu, a variety of fresh veggies and a spicy sauce, it’s a great way to keep your energy up for a day of shopping in New Hope and Lambertville.

Olive Oil Cake w/Orange Blossom Ice Cream

Olive Oil Cake w/Orange Blossom Ice Cream

Remember to save room for dessert. The meals are so filing that I’m rarely hungry after my entree but the desserts are so good that I’m inclined to eat half my entree so I’ll be able to eat dessert! Another food blogger noted that the chocolate pie was the best they ever had. You can check out Sprig & Vine’s current dessert menu here.

We really are fortunate to have such a great restaurant right here in New Hope. Sprig & Vine is so good that it deserves a place alongside the best restaurants of all varieties, not just vegetarian or vegan in the region.

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450 Union Square Dr, New Hope, PA 18938
(215) 693-1427

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