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You’ve probably seen me mention The Farm Cooking School, run by Chefs Ian Knauer and Shelley Wiseman. I’ve taken several of their classes and I keep signing up for more!

I’ve become a real fan of the school – I love having the opportunity to learn from and interact with these great teachers. And, of course, because the five-course meal we prepare in class is so darned delicious.

So you can imagine how happy I was to discover that they’re offering a series of classes specifically to take advantage of fresh summer produce as it comes in season!

Take a look at some of the things we made at the strawberry class:

Beautiful and Delicious

Beautiful and Delicious Strawberry Ricotta Tart

Killer salad with Japanese soba noodles, chile and strawberries

Killer salad with Japanese Soba Noodles, Chile and Strawberries

The classes are given throughout the season when the produce is expected to be at its peak. Classes are usually offered on two days – once in the morning  on one day and once in the evening at 5:30-6pm on the other day.

The selected item becomes an ingredient in several recipes. – this might include a salad, an appetizer, a main course, side dish and a dessert. Participants help in all aspects of preparation – cleaning, cutting, mixing and cooking. It’s a great experience and I always learn a lot from the classes.

Best of all, it culminates in a wonderful meal with newfound friends. Some of the best meals I’ve had this year have been those that we’ve made in class. I can’t oversell the classes – they’re an amazing value. Most are $75-$85 per day. They’re informative, fun and you get a 5-course meal which would normally cost you the better part of the class fee if you ordered it in a restaurant.

Bookmark this page and come back for updates. Be sure to sign up early for classes because these special one-day classes are fill up quickly. I also recommend the morning classes so you can enjoy the beauty of Tullamore Farm during the day.

The Farm Cooking School Summer Produce Courses

Peas and Sugar Snap

6/23, 5:30pm; 6/24 10am

Sample Menu:

  • Snap Pea Tempura
  • English Pea Soup with Creme Fraiche
  • Seamed Sugar Snaps with Fresh Ricotta, Lemon and Mint and Lamb Chops
  • Pea Shoot Salad
  • Seasonal Dessert


6/30, 5:30pm; 7/1, 10am

Sample Menu:

  • Orange-Braised Fennel Crostini
  • Shaved Fennel and Frond Salad
  • Fennel Stalk Mostarda with Grilled Sausages
  • Fennel Tart Tatin
  • Fennel Sorbet

Leafy greens

7/7, 6pm; 7/8, 10am

Sample Menu:

  • Escarole-Bulger Bundles
  • Shaved Swiss Chard and Mozzarella Salad
  • Brazilian Collard Greens with Grilled Grass Fed Steaks
  • Savory Kale & Parmesan Flans
  • Sorrel Panna Cotta

Summer squash

7/14, 6pm; 7/15, 10am

Sample Menu:

  • Summer Squash Carpaccio
  • Zucchini-Cheddar Flatbread
  • Grilled Baby Squash with Pickled Chiles and Spring Onions
  • Chocolate-Zucchini Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting


7/21, 6pm; 7/22, 10am

Sample Menu

  • Cooling Cucumber Cooler
  • Cucumber Soup
  • Korean Spicy Cucumbers with Kalbi
  • Cucumber Sorbet with Strawberry Gelee


7/28, 10am; 7/29, 6pm

Sample Menu

  • Wineberry-Rose Spritz
  • Garden Salad with Raspberry Vinaigrette
  • Seared Duck Breast with Blackberry Pan Sauce
  • Blueberry Dulce de Leche Gratin


8/4, 10am; 8/5, 6pm

Sample Menu

  • Corn Silk Tea
  • Corn Water Soup
  • Raw Corn and Chile Salad with Cornmeal Fried Chicken
  • Mexican Corn Ice Cream

Eggplant – 8/11, 10am; 8/12, 6pm


8/16, 10:30am

Sample Menu

  • Fresh Tomato Soup
  • Roasted Cherry Tomato Bruscetta
  • Fresh Pasta with Raw Tomato Sauce
  • Panzanella
  • Ice Cream with Sweet Tomato Jam


8/25, 10am; 8/26, 6pm

Information not yet available

The full Farm Cooking School Calendar of Events