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Evy just stumbled across this great list of Princeton area restaurants. After reviewing the list and the author’s comments, I heartily recommend heading over there to check it out.

What are your thoughts? Any duds on the list or any that really stand out?

Based on the author’s descriptions, the following look like the true standout places on the list:

  • Mistral – 66 Witherspoon Street, Princeton; (609)688-8808 – I have eaten here once and it was very good.
  • Blue Bottle Cafe – 101 East Broad Street, Hopewell; (609)333-1710 – one of our favorites. Wish it was closer so we could eat there more often
  • The Peacock Inn Restaurant. 20 Bayard Lane, Princeton; (609)924-1707 – sounds outstanding for a “special evening”
  • Chez Alice Gourmet Cafe & Bakery. 5 Palmer Square West, Princeton; (609)921-6760 – the author had me at “almond croissant”
  • Paris Bakery and Dessert. 63 Butler Street, Trenton; (609)394-7161 – “best cannoli in the area” sounds worth checking out
  • Szechuan House. 2022 Nottingham Way, Mercerville, NJ 08619; (609)890-7600 – the author says: “My favorite Chinese restaurant in all of Central New Jersey. It’s authentic hot and spicy home-style Szechuan. Definitely worth the trip.” – that does sound worth the trip since good Chinese is very hard to come by Dining Along the Delaware.
  • Mamoun’s Falafel Restaurant. 20 Witherspoon Street, Princeton; (609)454-5936 – I am a sucker for great Middle Eastern, probably because I’ve had so much mediocre Middle Eastern food. Mamoun’s sounds like the real deal.
  • Bent Spoon. 35 Palmer Square West, Princeton; (609)924-2368 – I was planning on waxing poetic about the Bent Spoon on my forthcoming “sweets” page. Let this be a teaser – if you go to the Princeton area and you don’t go to the Bent Spoon and try their world-class ice cream/sorbet and/or their cupcakes, you are dead to me. Nothing I had in Paris held a candle to the Bent Spoon.
  • Cross Culture. 301 North Harrison Street, Princeton; (609)688-9400 – There are several outposts of Cross culture in this region but the one in Princeton may be the best.
  • Masala Grill. 19 Chambers Street, Princeton; (609)921-0500 – My favorite Indian in Princeton and one of my favorites in the region.
  • Chick and Nello’s Homestead Inn. 800 Kuser Road, Trenton; (609)890-9851 – The author’s favorite Italian in the area. Sounds like a great, classic Italian place where they choose what to make based on what’s fresh that day. My kind of place. Note: it’s in Trenton, not really Princeton area.
  • Ajihei. 11 Chambers Street, Princeton; (609)252-1158 – This is my favorite Japanese restaurant in North America. Perhaps the world. Here’s a great review in NJ Monthly that captures its essence. I will definitely be writing about Ajihei in the future. If you visit Princeton and you like sushi and don’t go to Ajihei, well, you’re just an idiot – you’re missing out on an experience that makes all other sushi seem like the day-old stuff you’d get in a grocery store.
  • Restaurante El Mariachi. 762 Roebling Avenue, Trenton; (609)393-0035 – Another Trenton restaurant that doesn’t really belong on this list but I’m glad it is. The author says: “This Chambersburg gem serves up some of the finest Guatemalan, Salvadoran, and Mexican food in the area. The chicken tacos are the real deal—double-wrapped soft shell, served with lime and grilled scallion, and an amazing chicken filling.” – YUM! When can I go?
  • Nomad Pizza. 10 East Broad Street, Hopewell; (609)466-6623 – Already on my pizza-pizza list and so good, I’ll list it again. If you are only going to have a single, Roman Style pizza when you’re visiting the area, go to Nomad.
  • Blue Point Grill. 258 Nassau Street, Princeton; (609)921-1211 – This is on my private “where to eat next” list and seeing it on this list makes me want to go even more.

I highly recommend checking out the author’s complete list. It’s a great resource! Thank you!