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If you haven’t made Mother’s Day plans yet, you may be scrambling, trying to find a decent place to go that has last minute reservations available. Here’s some possible places to try.

Siam Cuisine – Buckingham, 215-794-7209

Why you want to go:

Siam Cuisine is a quiet Thai restaurant located in the little shopping strip in Buckingham, right on Rt. 202. There’s plenty of parking and it’s easy to get to. Ethnic restaurants, in general, are less likely to be fully booked on holidays, so there’s a good chance that you can still get a table.

Siam’s food has always been flavorful and well prepared and the owner is very friendly and accommodating. It has a mellow atmosphere and a small bar. Drink prices are very reasonable and entrees are typical for this area – almost everything is in the $13-$21 range. Here’s a direct link to the menu.

Don’t be scared by the negative reviews you might see. Most reviews are good and the negative ones don’t really match my experiences there (which have been many and overwhelmingly positive). Either those reviewers reviewed the wrong place or they were poorly behaved – typical of negative Yelp reviews.

Tastebud’s Restaurant – New Hope, 215-862-9722

Why you want to go:

Tastebud’s has a country-chic feel to it. Ultra-modern decorations inside a really cool old building with exposed beams. You can almost feel the spirits of people from the 1800’s walking around. The space is broken up into three small rooms which keeps the noise down compared to many restaurants, so it’s good for a quiet, romantic dinner.

Tastebud’s always has excellent food. The menu is quite small so check it out to make sure there are things that you’d like. The owner, John, likes to artfully design the flavor combinations and we’ve really come to appreciate them. He doesn’t do crazy combos like you find at many “modern” restaurants, just great, complimentary flavors.

They may already be booked, so don’t wait any longer. The only reason I think it might be available is it’s hidden on a side street so it’s out of sight.

Italian Cucina – New Hope, 215-862-3818

Why you want to go:

The Italian Cucina is a tiny little restaurant, tucked off of Main Street, New Hope, hidden behind two other buildings. It’s an intimate little restaurant that patrons love, though honestly I’ve only been to once because I always forget it’s there! That’s also why I think you might have some luck making a Mother’s day reservation there.

From what other people have told me, the food is always great here, in the classic Italian style. Give it a try and let me know what you think!