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God save the queen

God save the queen!

So early into my blog and I’m already breaking the rules…

Rule 1: This blog is “Dining Along the Delaware” – Teaberry’s isn’t along the Delaware

Rule 2: This is not a restaurant review site – and I’m about to write a “review.”

Ok, I know that Flemington isn’t “along the Delaware,” in fact, the Delaware is about 10 miles away. But Teaberry’s was such a dining revelation that I felt compelled to write about it while it was fresh in my mind. As for rule #2? If I have a great meal, I’m going to write about it because I want to share my excitement with you so you can try it too. But I am not a food critic. I don’t go incognito and I don’t want to waste time writing about my negative experiences. Go to Yelp if you want to read whiny reviews.

Now that that’s out of the way, let me start by saying that I don’t consider myself a “tea room kind of guy.” Not that I can’t appreciate a good cup of tea, but spending the afternoon sipping tea from fine china isn’t exactly, well, my cup of tea. So when we planned a trip to Flemington to buy some fig trees from “Bill the Fig Guy” and my wife said: “let’s get lunch at Teaberry’s Tea Room beforehand,” I was skeptical, so I checked TripAdvisor to see what people recommend. #1 restaurant in Flemington?! Even better than the exceptional Matt’s Red Rooster? How is this possible?
Then I looked at the lunch menu and was sold…maybe this won’t be so bad, I thought.

As it turned out, our friends, who we were going to buy fig trees with, were friendly with Sara, the daughter of the owner. Now we had to go!

We found it easily, at the end of Main street in Flemington. How could you miss this?

The view of Teaberry's main entrance

Welcome to Teaberry’s!

Skipping the warm welcome from Sara, whom everybody loves, to the heart of the Tea Room, we were confronted by a menu with over 100 tea varieties, thoughtfully sorted by type. Rather than leave it up to your imagination, here it is:

Tea menu p1 Tea menu p2

Not having strong preferences, we asked for a large pot of Sara’s favorite – #15 – Earl Grey Cream. Yes, it was delicious and served in a nice pot with a tea cozy to keep it warm. How I remember that it’s called a “tea cozy” is beyond me.

After enjoying tea, we had our appetizers – a special kale salad (that was amazing) and lobster bisque, which everybody recommended. Before continuing, I must divulge that I grew up on Cape Cod. Eating lobster was commonplace from the time I could swim (home movies prove that was when I was about 8 weeks old). So I have certain views on lobster – like it should only be steamed or boiled and served with drawn butter. In spite of that, I found the lobster bisque to be exceptional. Filled with chunks of lobster meat, and of course the requisite cream base, a bowl would certainly be a meal. Maybe I could get used to other forms of lobster…

Feeling adequately full from our apps, we started the sandwiches. Sara warned us that we were probably ordering too much food, so I split “The Shelly” with my fig-friend, Tom. This is a house roast turkey sandwich with melted brie, apple slices and a flavorful honey-mustard dressing. Oh, and made on a croissant, because we hadn’t yet ingested enough butter.

To say this sandwich was yummy is like saying “I’ll just write a few words about Teaberry’s.” It was one of the best sandwiches I’ve had in a long while and among the juiciest, most flavorful turkey I’ve ever had in a sandwich.

Evy, my wife and partner in food crime around the world, got the quiche Lorraine, which was without a doubt the best quiche I’ve ever had. You mean quiche is supposed to be moist and custardy-cheesy-gooey inside? It was like eating a different dish than I’m used to. And our other friend, Boyd, had The Churchill, a cold turkey sandwich with apples, cheddar and bacon. Yum.

By the time we were done, we were all completely full. “Now,” said Sara, “what can I get you for desert?” Our eyes bulged almost as much as our stomachs by that point, but after hearing about the deserts, we let out the belts a couple notches, and prepared for another treat.

The Buckingham Brownie

The Buckingham Brownie

The Buckingham brownie was chocolate lover’s heaven. Evy got it with the locally made chocolate hazlenut ice cream and the combination was almost as good as my famous dark chocolate sorbet. Ok, I’m biased. You’d probably say the brownie leaves my sorbet looking pale. It was really good.

The Cotswold carrot cake

The Cotswold carrot cake

I’m a carrot cake lover so I had to try theirs. Let’s say there weren’t many crumbs left of this chunky, nutty, creamy delight.

Meanwhile, Boyd fended off attempts to eat his Kensington Orange Cake, so I didn’t even get to snap a photo of that. But from what I hear, it was the star – light and airy yet intensely flavorful. To be fair, I did get a bite of it, but I think I need an entire piece in order to write more about it 🙂

As if this lunch wasn’t enough, we learned that Teaberry’s has a Thursday night supper club. Here’s a sample menu:

Teaberry's Supper Club sample menu

Teaberry’s Supper Club sample menu

Honey, what are we doing next Thursday?

Now that I’ve recovered from the butter and sugar shock, I can confidently say that Teaberry’s truly earned their place atop the TripAdvisor ratings for the area. While my arteries will quickly clog if I eat here too often, it is a place to which I shall return.